How are the donations used?

We do this with 1€ donation (figures are based on real expenses since foundation):

38 Cent: Land purchase and purchase process

In addition to the costs for the purchase of the land, this includes the costs for the notary and the land register entry as well as the property taxes.

19 Cent: Land acquisition preparation - find, research and document relevant conservation areas.

In rapid assessments, we work with researchers to determine the area's biodiversity and CO2 storage capacity. Aerial photos from drones help us to document the areas.

20 cents: Environmental education and communication

This part goes directly into our projects such as wilderness runs and environmental education projects with schools, workshops and our web platform.

18 cents: Long-term protection and research

Through regular visits, local partnerships, and forest rangers, the ecological integrity of the areas is monitored and ensured. Environmental ambassadors and scientists visit the areas, conduct research together, and experience the forest they protect.

5 cents: Administrative costs

Numerous donations in kind also enable us to keep costs for equipment and events low. For example, companies support our wilderness runs and other activities with water, food, tables, transportation rentals, public transportation tickets, and communication. We also often receive donations of equipment, clothing and food for our expeditions.

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